RFL – Tool Integrity

I want to start this off with a simple thank you to everyone for making this one of the smoothest kick offs in my history of RFL of SL! I have spent many hours ensuring that this year’s tools are truly seamless. But something has been passing around, that hit kinda hard. I need to sit down and discuss this with everyone.

As most are aware RFL of SL uses our own proprietary official tools. I have heard word traveling around about some using the split profit ability of CasperVend vendors. I have been told by ACS (Sting) that while we can’t limit the use or ability of this, we can tell you that if you are doing a RFL of SL event and want ACS or the committee to support it, we must use the OFFICIAL tools. We have no way of ensuring that what is displayed on the CasperVend vendor to be correct (ie the split could be going to any avie) and we cannot take responsibility if the donation is not made. Also, with that being said, we cannot track the donation, or apply it to a team because we have no record of it coming to our systems. So when planning your event make sure that ONLY the official tools will be used!